In addition to elk hunts, we offer Aoudad, mule deer, white-tailed deer, antelope, bear, and turkey hunts!

There are three ways to hunt elk in the state of New Mexico, and there are pros and cons to each.

Public Land Draw Hunts

The first is a draw hunt. In order to be able to hunt you must apply for, and draw, a tag through the limited draw system. It could take many years to draw a tag in a quality/high demand unit. If you are lucky enough to draw a tag, it is the least expensive way to hunt.

Unit Wide Hunts

The second is a unit wide landowner authorization. This type of hunt guarantees you the opportunity to hunt; however, these authorizations are often very expensive. In addition, you will be hunting on public lands and private property enrolled in the unit wide program. This means you could experience more hunting pressure.

Ranch Only Hunts

The final way is a ranch only authorization. These landowner authorizations are issued to landowners for exclusive use on the deeded acreage of the ranch. There are no public hunters allowed and, therefore, limited hunting pressure. Hunters are guaranteed a tag, which allows you to make plans around hectic and busy schedules. These authorizations also offer the hunter flexibility because there are no fixed dates for the hunts. These hunts can be conducted any five consecutive days from the opening day of season through the final day of season. Some of our ranches even allow for rifle hunts during the rut!!!

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Our Aoudad (or Barbary sheep as they are called in New Mexico) hunts take place on a private ranch in the canyon country of the Texas Panhandle. The ranch has a large resident herd of sheep producing gold medal class rams from 28-30"+ with rams harvested every year over 32". Often referred to as a poor man's big horn sheep, Aoudad are a beautiful & unique trophy with chaps and heavy sweeping horns. Licenses are over-the-counter and can be purchased at any authorized license vendor or directly from Texas Parks & Wildlife. With comfortable accommodations on the ranch, plentiful sheep and the possibility of taking feral hogs or predators for an additional fee, if you are looking for a trophy ram, this three day hunt is the one for you!


We offer rifle, muzzleloader and archery mule deer hunts on private property in New Mexico and Texas. These licenses are over-the-counter and can be purchased at any authorized license vendor or directly from the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish or Texas Parks & Wildlife. In New Mexico, archery mule deer hunts are either in September or January. During the September hunt the bucks are typically velvet antlered and make a beautiful mount. During the January hunt the bucks are generally in the rut in this part of New Mexico, and this is the optimal time to hunt. The most successful means of hunting during both seasons is stand hunting over water sources. Rifle/muzzleloader hunts are also typically stand hunting in Texas or spot and stalk style hunts with many hours spent glassing in New Mexico. In Texas the season is generally in middle to late November, which is during the rut. We have harvested several bucks in the 160-180 inch range, but most mature bucks will be in the 140-150 inch range. New Mexico mule deer hunts can be conducted in combination with an elk hunt for an additional fee. Texas mule deer and white-tailed deer hunts can be conducted in combination with Aoudad, feral hogs or predators for an additional fee. In addition, because our ranches have both species you have the option of harvesting either a mule deer or white-tailed deer during the mule deer season. All of our deer hunts are five days in length.


This is a pulse-pounding hunt for the fastest land mammal in North America. The hunts take place on a 95,000 acre private ranch with varying terrain from open grasslands to mesas. We pride ourselves in harvesting true trophy speed goats with several bucks harvested each year scoring above the Boone & Crockett minimum. This is not an overly demanding hunt physically as much of the hunt is conducted via truck or ATV. You will spend most of your time glassing over groups of antelope to locate the buck of your dreams before pursuing your trophy on foot. Hunts take place from mid-August to early September so this makes it a great hunt for the family before the school year starts. Also, because of the large numbers of game and ease of terrain, it is a great first hunt out west.


Bear hunts are conducted on private property and public lands, depending on the type of hunt. These licenses are over-the-counter and can be purchased at any authorized license vendor or directly from the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish. The license must be purchased at least two days prior to the beginning of the hunt. The season opens on August 16th each year, and bears can be hunted with any legal weapon from August 16th until August 31st. Beginning on September 1st, bears can only be hunted with archery equipment to coincide with the archery elk season. The New Mexico Department of Game & Fish establishes a quota system for the harvest of bears in each zone. The ability to hunt bears is directly affected by this quota, e.g., if you begin hunting and the bear quota is reached in the bear management zone you are hunting, then you cannot continue to hunt bears in that zone. Because True Grit Trophy Outfitters, LLC has no control over this quota system we cannot guarantee you will be able to hunt the entire time scheduled. The later in the season you wait to begin, the more likely the quota will be met and all bear hunting will have to cease. Bear hunts are conducted using two methods: the use of hounds or stand hunting over water. Hunting with hounds is the most effective and can be a true adventure. Our houndsman has produced 100% shot opportunity. Because the season opens in August, the temperatures can be very warm. This can make stand hunting over water sources also effective. Like mule deer, bear hunts can be booked in combination with elk hunts.


Both the Merriam’s and Rio Grande sub-species of turkey is a much sought-after trophy for every serious turkey hunter (and a requirement in order to attain the turkey slam). There is nothing like hunting Merriam's in the mountains of New Mexico. To hear the flapping of the their wings as they fly off the roost on a ridge at sunrise, or hear the answer of the gobblers echoing through the canyons, is a thrill words can’t describe! While the dates can vary depending New Mexico Department of Game & Fish rules, opening day of season is typically around April 15th each year. These licenses are over-the-counter and can be purchased at any authorized vendor or directly from the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish. Rio Grande turkey hunts are conducted on a private ranch in the Texas Panhandle. Longbeards are plentiful and the season typically runs from the end of March until early May. Licenses are over-the-counter and can be purchased at any authorized vendor or directly from Texas Parks & Wildlife. Turkey hunts for both Merriam's and Rio Grande are conducted on private property are three (3) days in length.

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